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Food Fun Fitness

Safe N’ Smart Kids Food Fun and Fitness is an interactive program that introduces young students to the importance of establishing and maintaining healthy lifestyles.  It is an innovative project involving medical students, preschool teacher and parents as partners in education.  Using the colors of the rainbow, students learn about eating healthy.  The students participate in several interactive activities:  hand washing, teeth brushing and color/cut/paste healthy snacks and exercise.  Students rotate through each of the 15 minute activities in small groups of 6-8.  Parent component- take home activity book. Teachers must be present and willing to assist with the program.  Teachers must agree to complete an evaluation survey.

This program is designed for ECE – K grade.  Program length ranges from 1.5 -2 hours.  This program is presented by Osteopathic Medical Students from Rocky Vista University.

Food Fun Fitness Program Request

Interested in having DOF and Osteopathic Medical Students from Rocky Vista University come to your classroom for a presentation? Please fill out the form below and we will respond with further information.

Please note:
  • The program is free and conducted by medical students (teams of 2 per class)
  • The program lasts about 1 hour and generally no more than 1.5 hours
  • The program is available in the afternoons only
  • Topics covered include:
    1. Hygiene - hand washing and discussion about germs
    2. Eating healthy - food identification "eating from all the colors of the rainbow"
    3. Exercising - how play and physical activity keeps us healthy - learn about parts of the body (heart, muscles, bones) and listen to the heart. Students do exercises in the classroom or go outside with presenters. 
  • We ask teachers to provide us with feedback via a provided form.
Interested in having DOF and Osteopathic Medical Students come present this program to you ECE or kindergarten Class?

Please see the details below and complete the request form.  We will respond with further information on the program and discuss available dates.